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For those of you who haven’t turned on the news in a couple of days (but, of course, frequent this informative website), there was a tornado in Brooklyn. And besides being terrifying for residents and annoying for commuters, the storm reminded us that summer’s sunny days are numbered. So in case bad weather strikes again, here’s a list of great things to do when you’re stuck inside (or if you’re just feeling a tad lazy and antisocial):

-Rent some “bad movies”:http://heebmagazine.com/blog/view/281 and “get drunk”:http://heebmagazine.com/blog/view/289,

-Watch a couple viral “videos”:http://heebmagazine.com/blog/view/286 and do a little online “gambling”:http://heebmagazine.com/blog/view/284,

-Host your own private “dance”:http://heebmagazine.com/blog/view/283 “party”:http://heebmagazine.com/blog/view/288,

-Or just spend some quality time with the “family”:http://heebmagazine.com/blog/view/288.

Happy weekend.

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