Watch Pope Francis Bounce Awkwardly as He’s Serenaded by a Group of Orthodox Jews

Pope Francis welcomed a delegation of Orthodox Jews to the Vatican this week, where he pogoed gently on the balls of his feet while being awkwardly crooned to. 

Sure, everyone looks like they’re having fun, but what do you think was really going through the octogenarian Pontiff’s mind while surrounded by bellowing yids?

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What do you think?

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  1. Arik

    The pope looks a bit like: “we won’t invite those neighbors again…” But hey, honestly, it is no wonder he is f***ed up, he has to run around in a wedding dress all day, wearing a somehow gay pseudo-yarmulke and then he sees our yiddelech coming in their manly black kittles and their cool hittles, manly beards and then they also got that klezmer… that’s just too much for franky.


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