“Turn Out For What” Rocks The Vote With Lena Dunham, Natasha Lyonne, Devendra Banhart, And More

I never thought I’d live to see the day when a euphemism for ejaculation would make its way into a political ad. And yet, here I am, and here’s the latest “Rock the vote” push, just in time for the midterm elections. Starring Lil Jon, with appearances from Heeb favorites like Lena Dunham and Natasha Lyonne, the ad itself is surprisingly fresh considering it’s the the latest in an initiative that’s been going on for nearly a quarter century.

For those of you who live in battleground states, I promise you this is exponentially better than any of the candidate ads that have laid siege to your television, if for no other reason then the fact that none of those ads feature “Lil Lena” gettin’ down in a jumper-shorts ensemble:

Skeet skeet skeet, go vote.

[via Paper]

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