Turkey’s EU Membership May Solve the Mid-East Crisis


Oddly enough, Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos implied that granting Turkey membership to the European Union would somehow assist the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

The New York Times reports:

"[Morantinos] added that the EU considers Turkey a partner of high strategic importance, specifically mentioning its diplomatic network in the Middle East . . . "

Turning to the Middle East, Moratinos said that bringing a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was the most important challenge for the Spanish presidency, adding that he felt both parties wanted to negotiate but needed encouragement."

It’s subtle, but it seems he’s saying that Turkey’s admission to the EU would be the "encouragement." What is unclear is how Turkey’s admission helps. Its Muslim population? The diplomacy between Israel and Turkey? (Those two seem to have a hard time playing nice.)

Israel recently gave a Turkish diplomat the short chair/cold shoulder.

Whatever reasons Spain has for wanting Turkey to join the EU must not be that convincing if it has to pull the old "because it will solve the Mid-East crisis" card. That comes right before "because I said so."

What do you think?

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  1. bigdaddy

    If Europe is “dying” to have a common border with Iran than this is a great idea!

  2. ReadItSomewhere

    You know how many universities Turkey has with religious studies programs? Thats millions of young people reading the Bible and Koran, reading about the Children of Israel in the Koran and The Kingdom of Israel in the Bible. Not to mention Jews, synagog

  3. ColonelK

    There is nothing odd about this proposal. Turkey has (hot & cold) diplomatic relations with Israel, as well as warm relations with Syria and Lebanon. One of the biggest stumbling blocks to creating a peace treaty is settling the land disputes that exist b

  4. Puck

    I rather think the Turks are hoping EU membership will solve their own, rather more pressing, issues with the Kurdish minority. It’s unlikely Turkey will be able to do much to solve the Israel/Palestine crisis given it’s current inability to deal with th

  5. Anonymous

    Google may pay heed. “Level of community support is certainly one supra parts of the factors we’re considering,” says a Google spokesman who Reply

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