Tom Cruise: “I hate the Nazis. I hate Hitler.”

On May 19, United Artists released a two-disc special edition DVD of last year’s Tom Cruise/Bryan Singer teamup, Valkyrie. The package includes a featurette on the true story of Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg’s attempt to assasinate Hitler and bring the Third Reich to its knees, but the real gems come in the commentary version of the film in which director Bryan Singer credits Tom Cruise for not using his star power to compel the producers to change the story so that von Stauffenberg ended up offing Hitler in the end (makes you wonder if he tried at first).The commentary also includes bold pronouncements from Cruise ("I hate the Nazis. I hate Hitler.") and riffs from the actor about the challenges of making a movie that works for an audience who doesn’t necessarily know who Hitler is. Just who the hell is this film’s intended audience?

What do you think?

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