The Woody Allen Stammer Super-Cut: Every “Um”, “Uh”, and “Erm” Ever

The American Psychiatric Association doesn’t include “Jewish Neurosis” in its latest DSM, but if it did, odds are it would just be this video: Every nervous tic and neurotic vocalization uttered by Woody Allen onscreen.

Edited by Ben Craw and Oliver Nobel (Oliver happens to be the genius brains behind Heeb’s Night of the Living Jews, Strip Dreidel, and our Decade Retrospective) the Woody Allen Stammer super-cut condenses decades of Woody’s movies into around 44 minutes of 100-proof, distilled essence du Allen. Splitting Allen’s cinematic catalogue in half, Ben worked his way up from his earliest work in the mid-60’s, while Oliver worked backwards from Woody’s latest films. The two eventually met in the mid-80’s, polished their edits, and – voilá – the greatest super-cut in the history of uh…erm…um…

You get the picture.


What do you think?

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  1. Dan H

    ..made it through 20 minutes..painful…like watching recording of myself…

  2. Ailene

    I love Woody Allen. Why would I want to watch 44 minutes of this?? I agree ^ painful.


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