Meet The Shining Twins: Alex Weiss and Marisa Kreiss. (Yes, they rhyme.) With matching outfits, hair color and lighthearted cool, this adorable twosome from San Diego has been lighting up the New York music scene. Listening to them finish each other’s sentences, Weiss and Kreiss actually seem like real sisters. They share a phone number, an email account, joints, boyfriends . . . Okay, maybe not entirely like sisters.

Usually, when I meet girls this young, talented and excited, I want to pull their shiny, shiny hair, but Weiss and Kreiss even make bunk beds sound thrilling. They dig The Ramones, have smart things to say about rich girls on anti-depressants, yet aren’t ashamed of loving Miley Cyrus. (Plus, they’ll be performing at Heeb‘s "Pour ‘Em" party on February 27.) Like their quirky, childlike music, The Shining Twins are just too fun to resist.


Oh, you guys match!

Kreiss: We always match. We try to wear different versions of the same stuff.

Tell me about the name of your band, The Shining Twins.

Kreiss: Well, we’re obsessed with the Olson twins and horror films. You know, The Shining.

Weiss: They’ve been a major influence in our lives. I mean, how much would it suck to be Mary-Kate and Ashley now? They peaked when they were nine. We started a little later, so maybe our peak is right about now, but I’m sorry, I will always be a fan.

I’ve been listening to some of your music and I have to say, I’m impressed. I feel this strange Jewish connection to your songs. Why do you think that is?

Weiss: Well, our songs are just, basically, like stuff that bothers us every day.

Oh, it’s kvetching. Well, that explains the connection. "Girls on Pills" is my favorite.

Weiss: Yeah, totally! I mean, I think lots of people can relate cause it’s like, real, you know?

Kreiss: We know so many privileged Jewish girls who’ve been pumped up on anti-depressants and shit from like, a really young age. It’s totally fucked up.

So who writes the music?

Weiss: Every word we write is together. We just kind of smoke a joint and see what happens. Actually, we do everything together. We’re basically one person. We share everything: our bed, food, money, music . . .

Do you share boys?

Kreiss: Well, actually, that’s kind of how we met.

I’m fascinated and a little concerned.

Kreiss: Well, we went to the same high school in San Diego, but we didn’t really know each other because we were in different grades. Then, we kind of ended up dating the same dude, which kind of ironically brought us together.

Weiss: And now we can’t be apart–ever. We tried. I came to New York first. I sort of ran away, but we really just couldn’t be that far away from each other. It was agony.

Do you still share boys?

Kreiss: Um, well . . . [The girls exchange devilish glances] I don’t know if you can put this in print, but we’ve kind of been sharing a boyfriend for a while,

Weiss: But we sort of ended it.

Kreiss: He actually might still think we’re his girlfriends. I mean, we love him, but believe it or not, sharing a boyfriend is really hard.

Yeah, totally. Tell me about it. So, do all three of you just sleep in the same bed?

Weiss: Actually, we’re so exited. We’re getting bunk beds next week! Our friend is going to build them for us.


Um, okay. Moving on. If you could collaborate with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

Weiss: Wow, that’s a hard question. There are so many. I guess, first off, it would be Joey Ramone.

Kreiss: Yeah, The Ramones!

Weiss: We really love Wavves, too. Oh my God! Miley Cyrus!

What? Really? I’m a little confused.

Weiss: Yeah! Like, until I saw Hannah Montana, I really wasn’t that into her, but she’s such a princess. She’s great. We love her.

You two play in the "hipster" scene a lot. Tell me honestly: How do you feel about ironic mustaches on boys?

Weiss: Ew. Gross.

Kreiss: Well, I mean, I hate it if it’s ironic, but if they’re serious about it, I can roll with that.

Are you excited to perform at Heeb‘s "Pour ‘Em" party? Do you already have costumes?

Kreiss: Yes. We love Heeb! And we can’t wait for the "Pour ‘Em" party. Colt 45!

Weiss: It’s going to be so much fun. We don’t have a costume ready yet. We usually do our costumes day of. Oh, and we’re super exited to meet Team Facelift.

You guys are just adorable. Before we wrap things up, tell me what you’re working on right now.

Weiss: Well, obviously we’re playing a bunch of shows. We’re also working on a 7-inch that we want to release before our album. We’re really exited.


Buy tickets now to see The Shining Twins live, along with Team Facelift, The Dirty Fences, Cowboy Mark, DJ Drew Heffron and DJ Kool Jew, at Heeb‘s "Pour ‘Em" party on February 27 at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn, New York.