The Last Jewish Waiter Throws Delicatessen Shade At “Man vs. Food” Host Adam Richman

A while back, we sat down with Food Network star Adam Richman to talk about his life, his career, and which Jewish frat he once belonged to. Over the course of our conversation, Adam mentioned that getting his Man vs. Food gig was the result of, among other things, a successful screen test at Katz’s Deli. Here’s what he said:

If you’re a New York Jew, you know fucking Katz’s! I went there a day before, learned it, just fine-tuned it and came in. And I came in and I worked out like a beast that morning, didn’t eat that much the day before, and I walked into Katz’s and that smell was like ambrosia. And to be given a reuben and fries and slaw and whatever from Katz’s deli for free — it wasn’t a challenge.

Nice, right? Not if you’re The Last Jewish Waiter‘s David Manheim. In his latest clip (just in time for Katz’s 125th anniversary) Dave throws some world class “who cares?” shade at Richman as only the last Jewish waiter can. Look, we’re not gonna pick sides here – when it comes to man vs. Man vs. Food, we love ’em both. But, we dare you to watch Manheim kvetch about Richman’s legacy without smiling.

Fer chrissake, someone give this guy his own network show, already!

What do you think?

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  1. Postroad

    That waiter cut fat off my corned beef at the table when I complained that the stuff was too fatty! Left the fat on the table! vontz


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