The IDF’s Answer To Gangnam Style Is Why Israel Keeps Losing PR Wars

IDF Style is an embarrassment. (No, not just because the dancing is atrocious, which is confusing  – aren’t Israelis supposed to be great dancers at the discotec? Is that a stereotype I made up? Either way, I’d rather watch myself dance naked in front of a mirror to Britney Spears’ Toxic than watch that video again.)

Think about it – The Gangnam Style video has been up since July – it’s now the most watched video in Youtube history – which means these guys had four entire months to perfect one of the diabolically easiest dances on the internet. Four months, and they don’t even know how to do a simple 1-2-1-2 dance move. I’m embarrassed for all of them. I hope that they work better together as military squad than a dance company.

Also, take a look at when this was uploaded.  November 22 – in the middle of the latest Gaza conflict. Now, maybe they danced earlier in the summer and it was uploaded now because Israel only just learned that Gangnam Style is popular? Or they were celebrating…I’dknow? What do soldiers in wartime celebrate, anyways?

Look, I know they’re just kids, but…I’m calling this another Israel PR fail. (Fuck it. At least they aren’t the ‘Maccabeats‘.)

Moral of the story – For every successful Jew in Hollywood there’s a dozen dancing terribly and making terrible parodies on Youtube.

What do you think?

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  1. Israel muse

    Firstly this video was not professionally made, it was not credited by the IDF or anyone else. These guys made this video while bored on miluim (reserve duty) waiting to be approved to go into Gaza during the operation pillar of defense. They probably took 10 minutes to plan it and just wanted to show the people of israel that their morale is still up regardless of the long wait to go into Gaza to which they were not required to go in. Sorry we are not big American style makers of videos but no matter how shitty they dance, us Israeli people appreciate their good vibes during these times. They protect us, so they can dance as shitty as they like for all we care. What a waste of a post.

  2. poonkie

    It is mean spirited to judge this obviously spontaneous clip and link it to Israeli dancing prowess, which doesn’t need boosting.

  3. Karen

    It’s just a bunch of soldiers goofing off in their free time, you’re taking it a bit too seriously.

  4. S. in Pa.

    Like the author, I have never served in the military. Unlike him, that fact causes me to have (and to display without ironic detachment) tremendous respect for those who do. They are better and braver men than I am.

    “Chicky” freely admits that he is “pretty much an asshole,” and he thinks that makes it OK – see, he’s not a hypocrite, he lives down to his own standards. He can feel free to call me a hypocrite for respecting these guys, if hating on me and them makes him feel good.


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