The Hitlers Ride the Bus

Hitler and Eva Braun Riding the BusThe folks over at Internet Today found this picture of an elderly Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun sitting together on public transit. Is it more surprising that they’re alive or that they don’t have a chauffeur? We’ll get you started with possible captions, fill in what we forget in the comments:

Hitler and his wife, on the way to shop at Barnes & Goebbels.

Looks like Lieberman missed a boy from Brazil.

“That wasn’t cyanide. You try ecstasy once and the whole war ends.”

New photos from the set of Ben Affleck’s The Town.

“Darling, did you pick up my combover wax?”

The latest Heeb photo shoot infuriates thousands who’ve never read the site.

“Did you hear I’m a YouTube meme?”

What do you think?

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