UPDATED: The Editor of Commentary Would Like You to Know That Donald Trump’s Budget Proposal Isn’t as Bad as The Holocaust


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President Trump on Tuesday released his 2018 budget proposal, and folks? It’s a doozy. Billions of dollars worth of cuts to Medicaid, anti-poverty efforts, the Department of Justice, the Department of Education You name it—if it’s helping people, Trump wants it neutered, and quick. 

Yup, it’s a pretty abysmal outlook for the coming financial year, but Commentary‘s John Podhoretz has seen worse. Much worse: A lil’ something he likes to call…the Holocaust

Hear that, you libtard cucks?? The systematic murder of millions of Jews, Roma, Homosexuals, and others at the hands of the Nazi government was definitely worse than Trump’s budget proposal. Bam! Case closed! 

Glad we got that settled. 

UPDATE: Looks like JPod got “weary of arguing with literal liberals” and deleted his tweet. Thank god for screencaps. Without them, this post would be worse than, oh? The Holocaust??

What do you think?

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  1. Arik

    That’s the peak, the very peak of inappropriate and somehow the worst case of brainlessness since Trumps comment in the yad vashem guestbook… totally amazing… great… just the best government ever


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