The Cossacks Strike Again

Remember The Bloodhound Gang? Sure you do! They were the idiots/geniuses behind a string of 90’s hits, like “Fire Water Burn“, “The Bad Touch“, “Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo.”  Hell, they’re the reason white suburban skate punks thought shouting “the roof – the roof – the roof is on fire!” was a cool thing to do, which absolutely negated any marginal enjoyment one might have otherwise derived from their music. Still, while the Bloodhound Gang may be used to catching flack from concerned parents and highbrow rock critics, they probably weren’t expecting their assault to be at the hands of… Cossacks. Yes, like “ruined Tevye’s daugher’s wedding” Cossacks.

You see, The Bloodhound Gang wound up causing a bit of controversy when bassist “Evil” Jared Hasselhoff found himself in possession of a Russian flag during a gig in Odessa. Jared did what any responsible musician and cultural ambassador would do – he shoved the flag down the front of his pants, and pulled it out the back. Rockandroll(orsomething)!!

Unsurprisingly, the Russian authorities – along with a good chunk of Russian nationalists – weren’t particularly thrilled. And so, reports:

The US Bloodhound Gang has been attacked by unknown persons who identified themselves as Cossacks at the Anapa airport, the Ekho Moskvy radio station quoted Komsomolskaya Pravda photo reporter Nikolai Khizhnyak.

“The musicians were sitting in the airport lounge when two or five Cossacks arrived; they had an argument and the Cossacks tried to smother the band’s bassist with the US flag. The police had to interfere and set them apart. The musicians tried to escape into the VIP zone bypassing control but the airport staff stopped them and the police took them under protection. The musicians are staying in the VIP zone now,” the radio quoted Khizhnyak.

He said no one was detained.

“The Cossacks appeared suddenly and made a sudden departure,” the photo reporter said

Funny – that’s exactly what the people of Anatevka said, too.


Here’s video of the cossack attack, via RussiaToday:

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