The Big Book of Jewish Conspiracies

What if anything they ever said about Jews was true? Postmodern satire that hilariously addresses Jewish badness through the ages, from the editors of the magazine The New York Times calls the epicenter of all things hipster-Jewish and ironic.”

The Big Book of Jewish Conspiracies takes as its modest proposal an extreme theme: what if the most damaging charges ever leveled against Jews were all true? Spanning the history of Western Civilization, each of these assertions is explored in turn, including:

  • Ancient Jewish Conspiracies: How Moses led the Exodus so Jews would later have a justification for establishing the state of Israel
  • Medieval Jewish Conspiracies: How Blood Libel began after an unfortunate baking accident resulted in the tastiest Matzoh ever
  • Jewish Conspiracies during the Enlightenment: Upset by lack of opportunity for Jews in Bourbon France, entrepreneurs turn culottes into an unaffordable craze, leaving the sans-culottes thirsty for revolution
  • Modern Jewish Conspiracies: The invention of psychoanalysis as a way to hypnotize wealthy and powerful Gentiles
  • Post-Modern Conspiracies: Jews invent fast food to turn buff, sports-playing Gentiles into doughy copies of the average Jewish accountant’s physique.

“You know what they say: two Jews, three conspiracies.”-author Joshua Neuman

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