The _New Yorker_ Grows a Set

The venerable old pub used by hipsters everywhere to prove their intelligence ran a cover this week meant to skewer the retarded "Obama’s a terrorist" crap, complete with Obama in a turban, burning a flag beneath a portrait of Osama bin Laden and giving his AK-47-strapped wife a "terrorist fist jab". Apparently, some pea-brains are taking the cover literally, and even Obama’s camp (and McCain’s for that matter) has come out and called it tasteless and offensive. I’ve gotta say that even though I appreciate the New Yorker‘s brass balls, it’s sorta the last thing the Hope campaign needed right now. Hopefully they’ll balance it out with a McCain cover next week – diddling little boys while taking in a Reverend Hagee sermon, perhaps?

What do you think?

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  1. Hesed

    If Northeast liberals were really as smart as they think themselves to be, they would realize that the people they like to mock for being stupid are even dumber than they give them credit for…obviously. If they had ANY conception of just how stupid a va

  2. kunteyes

    Is this a painting or a photograph? It’s so damn realistic! ;-p

  3. iconic

    this crap was already out there in the dumb-and-dumber segments of the American population. Why not joke about it ….

  4. Puck

    I saw the editor (or whoever) with some newsreader trying to tell them that they were ‘underestimating the intelligence of Americans’.
    Irony lives on….

  5. iconic

    shouldn’t be, but am always surprised by how stupid people can be.

  6. geo8rge

    The Obama people brought this on themselves. The cover would have gotten little notice if they did not respond to it. Notice this is a New Yorker cover, typically only seen by a 1000 little old ladies. That is the problem with these rapid response team

  7. iconic

    Maybe the Obama people prefer that the talk be about the joke on the cover, rather than the story inside. …….. The story is all about how Obama is a master of the “inside game” of politics.

  8. SF_Shiksa

    ha, i guess their reaction illustrates the article pretty well then. those damn New Yorker people really are clever.

    i still don’t understand how michelle ended up packing the AK, but it makes me giggle every time i see it.

  9. iconic

    I guess the AK , because of her ‘ terrorist ‘ fist jab.
    Makes me giggle too.


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