The _Heeb_ Hundred

Sit back and enjoy our first annual Heeb Hundred—people who, in our humble estimation, you need to know about. They are the usual suspects (rabbis, cantors, pornographers), but also some surprises (leading women, outfielders, reggae singers). They all share in common distinct and nuanced relationships with their identities—that, and the fact that none are pictured flipping you the bird. They are women and they are men. They are queer and they are straight. They are black and they are white. They are from the Diaspora and they are from New York. They are artists. They are activists. They are entertainers. They are entrepreneurs. Oh yeah, they’re Jewish, too.

*Jonathan Kesselman, writer/director*, _The Hebrew Hammer_
Photo by Seth Olenick

*Jessi Klein, comic*
Photo by Jon Feinstein

*Jonathan Lethem, novelist*, _The Disappointment Artist_
Photo by Seth Kushner

The complete list:
* Joanna Angel, CE-ho, _burningangel.com_
* Sarah Aroeste, singer/songwriter, “A La Una—In the Beginning”
* Periel Aschenbrand, writer, _The Only Bush I Trust is My Own_
* Ronit Avni, director, _Just Vision_
* Sophie Auster, singer, _Sophie Auster_
* Todd Barry, comic, “Falling Off the Bone”
* Scott Beiben, founder, Lost Film Fest
* Edet Belzberg, documentary filmmaker, _Children Underground_
* Shoshana Berger, editor, _ReadyMade_ Magazine
* Natalie Blacker, creative culture enthusiast, Rosa Luxx
* Andy Blitz, writer, _Late Night With Conan O’Brien_
* Sarah Blumenthal, designer
* Andrew Boyd, aka Phil T. Rich, Billionaires for Bush
* Ben Brewer, The Exit, “Home for an Island”
* Adam Brody, actor, _The OC_
* Jessica Coen, editor, _gawker.com_
* Ayelet Cohen, rabbi, Congregation Beth Simchat Torah
* Jeremy Cohen, cantor, Chizuk Amuno Congregation
* Michelle Collins, founder/spokeswoman, _votergasm.org_
* Jennifer Connelly, actress, _Dark Water_
* David Cross, actor, _Arrested Development_
* Meredith Darrow, director, Daniel Reich Gallery
* Julie Davids, director/creator, CHAMP (Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project)
* Shoshana Dentz, painter, Mixed Greens Gallery
* Anat Ebgi, curator and founder, Frisbee Fair
* Danae Elon, director, _Another Road Home_
* Stuart Elster, painter
* Erez, CEO, Modular Mood Records
* Emma Forrest, author, _Cherries in the Snow_
* Eytan Fox, director, _Walk On Water_
* Ira Glass, host, “This American Life”
* Michael Goodstein, DJ, WFMU
* Micah Green, Cinetic Media, _Strangers with Candy_
* Hillary Gross, activist, Global Green USA
* Sean Guilette, actor, _The Fountain_
* Jake Gyllenhaal, actor, _Proof_
* Hanan Harchol, illustrator/painter/animator
* Seth Hodes, founder/editor, _The Blow Up_
* Ben Jacobs, aka Max Tundra, DJ, _Mein Nehi Jana—Versions_
* Alexandra Jacoby, artist/activist
* Leon Kababie, activist, _gettheleadout.net_
* Gabe Kapler, outfielder, Yomiuri Giants
* Ori Kaplan, founder, Balkan Beat Box
* Mathieu Kassovitz, actor/director, _Babylon Babies_
* Brian Kates, editor, _Tarnation_
* Michelle Kaufmann, architect, Glidehouse
* Jon Kesselman, writer/director, The Hebrew Hammer
* Loolwa Khazzoom, founder, The Jewish Multicultural Project
* Concetta Kirschner, aka Princess Superstar, DJs Are Not Rock Stars
* Mia Kirshner, actress, _The L Word_
* Jessi Klein, comic
* Greg Krelenstein, promoter/publicist, MisShapes
* Lisa Kron, playwright, “Well”
* Ben Lee, singer/songwriter, _Awake is the New Sleep_
* Lefty Leibowitz, founder, Gotham Girls Roller Derby
* Jonathan Lethem, novelist, _The Disappointment Artist_
* Jeff Lewis, singer/songwriter, _The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane_
* Sarah Lewitinn, aka Ultragrrrl, _Spin_ Magazine
* Abby Levine, founder, Jews for Equal Rights for Immigrant Communities (JERICO)
* Sam Lypsyte, novelist, _Home Land_
* Marc Maron, host, “Morning Sedition” on Air America
* Matisyahu, singer/songwriter, _shake off the dust… ARISE_
* Jaime Meline, aka El-P, CEO, Definitive Jux Records
* Lisa Oppenheim, artist
* Mel Ottenberg, stylist, _Luomo Voguea_
* John Pilson, photographer/video artist, Nicole Klagsburn gallery
* David Rakoff, writer, _Fraud_
* Shari Rothfarb, director, _Judaism and Race in America_ (working title)
* Ethan Ruby, president, _citystreets.org_
* Andrew Schall, baseball trivia whiz-kid
* Basya Schechter, singer/songwriter, Pharaoh’s Daughter
* Rebecca Schiffman, singer/songwriter, _Upside Down Lacrimosa_
* Michael Schneider, president, Umodels
* Adam Shapiro, fashion publicist
* David Shayman, aka Disco D, producer, The Massacre
* Ben Shenkman, actor, “Angels in America”
* Matt Shenkman, designer, _wowch.com_
* Yolanda Shoshana, writer/performer “Triple Minority”
* Deb Shoval, director, “An Olive on the Seder Plate”
* Michael Showalter, writer/director, _The Baxter_
* Gary Shteyngart, writer, _The Russian Debutante’s Handbook_
* Josh Siegel, film and video curator, MoMA
* Allison Silverman, writer, _Late Night with Conan O’Brien_
* Wendy Spero, comic
* Ariana Speyer, activist, Downtown for Democracy
* Karin Spitzer, designer, _no-time.com_
* Morgan Spurlock, documentary filmmaker, _Super Size Me_
* Matt Stone, writer, Team America
* Jeff Stober, owner, Drake Hotel
* Darin Strauss, novelist, Chang and Eng
* Tracey Tanner, designer
* Amy Tobin, singer/songwriter
* Jennifer Tuft, producer, _Protocols of Zion_
* Yasha Wallin, curator, Rojo Gold Gallery
* Shirley Wegner, artist, Tel-Aviv Museum
* Nick Weidenfeld, Head of Development, Adult Swim
* Noah Weiner, editor, _moveon.com_
* Rachel Weisz, actress, _Constantine_
* Matt Wolf, filmmaker, _I Feel Love_
* Gideon Yago, correspondent, MTV News

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