Tennessee Man Planning Jewish Sperm Bank in His Home

Sequoyah Hills, Tennessee resident David Perkins is petitioning the city for the right to run several businesses out of his home, including a Jewish sperm bank.

Perkins has been operating Jewisheggdonor.net and Jewishspermdonor.net (of which he’s the sole donor) from his home residence for the last two years. Browsing the site, it appears Perkins is personally attempting to populate the state of Tennessee with Jews. Besides being an ambitious entrepreneur, the "About" section reveals Perkins is "seeking a woman to be my wife and/or mother of my children."

As Tennessee obviously needs more Jewish babies, we wish Mr. Perkins luck. If you’re interested in impregnating yourself with this handsome fellow’s genetic material–he describes himself as a "Politically Active Religious Zionist, Creative Problem Solver" with a "Red-Brown Beard"–I urge you to check out his website. The ladies below did, and they look like they couldn’t be happier.



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  1. Jewface Killah

    Pfft — so unoriginal this guy! Nothing innovative about this. I’ve been running a sperm bank outta my apartment for years, and it’s always fully stocked.

    Until laundry day. AOW!

  2. embryobank

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  3. Anonymous

    Google may pay heed. “Level of community support is certainly one supra parts of the factors we’re considering,” says a Google spokesman who Reply

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