Tel Aviv’s Human Sized Soda Machine


Blending clever marketing and practicality, ad agency Ogilvy and Sprite has put a human sized soda fountain on the beach in Tel Aviv. Beach goers push the button (as you would in a 7-11) and are drenched in “Sprite” (it’s water).

In case your phone is staying dry with the rest of your stuff, a Sprite representative in a white or green shirt (what, no Sprite bikinis?!), will also take your picture under the soda fountain and email it to you on the spot via tablet and then of course, give you some free Sprite. Refreshing.

The campaign is running this summer in Tel Aviv and Rio De Janiero. Check out some more photos below:


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Sheri Barclay

Sheri Barclay, is cut from the three corners of Israel, New York, and Edmonton Alberta with 3 passports to prove it. She has a killer playlist every week on Viva Radio

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  1. Sam

    lol @ mike shapiro. If you read the article it said it pours water on you, not sprite.

  2. Mike Shapiro

    Of course I read the article. I just thought it would be funnier (I’ve often been told, usually by my wife, that my sense of humor doesn’t appeal to everyone), if it poured sprite.

    Would Diet Sprite be sticky?

    How would the carbonation feel?


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