Team _Heeb_ Rolls a Gutter Ball

Unable to locate its inner Lebowski, Team Heeb proved that Jews aren’t so good with the bowling in the final of five nerdy sporting contests sponsored by Saucony Originals.

Only two of the eight team members were even able to crack 100, but at least they looked good trying.

Thrillist took the bowling trophy, but Heeb still won two events overall: last week’s heroic spelling bee effort and the opening ping-pong tournament.

Team Heeb now looks forward to a brief and restful off-season before the heroics and/or humiliation of Saucony’s summer round of events.

What do you think?

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  1. lobster

    jesus christ, do you guys have to drive the point home to the world that we jews really do suck at all sports — including fucking BOWLiNG??

    i dare wonder how you’d fare at a CandyLand tournament :p

  2. MichaelLiss

    Hey, we took 2 out of 5 events. Batting .400 is pretty freaking good. So come cheer us on this summer in whiffle ball — or bet yet, help us not suck!

    (And I have an excuse — I grew up in New England, where we did our silly candlestick bowling instead.)


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