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Heebonism NYC 2011 (Update)

Heebonism NYC 2011 (Update)

Heeb's annual Christmas Eve party returns this year with a world music spin.

Dolchnakov Brigade’s debut show at Heebonism

Marcy Playground drummer, Shlomi Lavie, debuts his solo project, Dolchnakov Brigade, at Heebonism.
I'll Be Jewish for Christmas

I’ll Be Jewish for Christmas

Katie Goodman of Broad Comedy has the song of the year for being Jewish on Christmas.

So Much for Controlling the Media

The publisher of Heeb waxes philosophical on the state of the magazine...then takes another swig.

The Truth Behind Elena Kagan’s “Chinese Restaurant” Alibi

As funny as we all found Kagan's remark about how all Jews spend their Christmases, in reality she was participating in activities far more vile. Heeb has proof.