Taboo: Jewish Edition

The Judaicized version of everyone's favorite game!

Call me old-fashioned but, if you’re going to bill something as “the game of UNSPEAKABLE Jewish fun” [emphasis theirs], you should at least mention pork-loving, or tushy-schtupping. Not that I blame Seth Burstein and Ian Framson – a couppla swell kids from Babson University, and the makers of “Taboo: Jewish Edition” – for keeping things family-friendly with their Judaicised take on everybody’s favorite party game; after all, Ian’s Bubbie and Seth’s brother/Rabbi helped come up with the clues (Bubbies and Rabbis being known for their aversion to both pork-loving and tushy-schtupping).

That said, I’m happy to report the game is a pleasure (especially after a few gimlets) and a steal at twice the price. Don’t believe me? Check out and start thinking of ways to say “nose job” without actually saying “nose job” (Hint: “That thing cousin Shayna got for her 16th birthday” is a pretty safe bet).

What do you think?

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  1. Keith Osterberg

    According to the biography “Open Up and Bleed,” Iggy’s dad, James Newell Osterberg, Sr., was of Irish/English descent and was adopted by two Jewish spinster sisters named Osterberg, and Jim Sr. took their surname. Does that make Iggy Jewish. I don’t know if he was raised Jewish. His mother was Danish and not a Jew. And not all Osterbergs are Jewish; The Osterberg side of my family is Swedish and Christian. Although, as a gentile who grew up in a Jewish neighborhood, I used to get out of school on Jewish holidays by faking it.


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