Succulent Ungulate

The meat and milk (though obviously not together) of the endangered giraffe were proclaimed to be kosher today by Israeli Rabbi Shlomo Mahfoud.

I now desperately want to try some, but the closest I could find online was alligator and kangaroo jerky.

If anyone knows how I can get some giraffe in my mouth without a trip to the Congo, I would be much obliged if they could leave the info in the comments section.

What do you think?

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  1. Raffulon

    According to the SF Zoo website the giraffe is not currently endangered. Also, I was under the assumption that a giraffe has always been kosher, but that no one knew exactly where on the neck to make the shect.

  2. Richard

    What a wonderful picture of a sniveling coward. I have cared for giraffes for years and there is not a more gentle and sweet creature on the face of the earth. What immense bravery it must a taken for that man to kill that graceful creature.

  3. Anonymous

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