Streit’s Matzo Documentary Looks Great (Probably Tastes Like Cardboard)

Passover may be over, but odds are the gastrointestinal…er…. effects of a matzo-centric diet are only now beginning to subside. (Read: “let my people go!”) With that in mind, the upcoming documentary on Streit’s Matzo may end up giving you a little nostalgic blockage. But, trust us, it’s worth pushing through the discomfort. Part history of the Streit’s family Matzo business and their iconic factory, and part ode to New York’s Lower East Side, filmmaker Michael Levine‘s documentary tells the story of both the people and the place that have helped Streit’s Matzo enter the 21st century under the fifth generation of family ownership. Take a look at the trailer, and start stocking up on ex-lax, just in case.


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