SPACEBALLS: The Schwartz Awakens Trailer Spoof Is Nearly Perfect

Look, I’m under not illusions that movie trailers are, in fact, expertly crafted commercials designed to make us, the viewer, go out and buy a product. That said, I’ll freely admit that my inner child stood up and cheered last week when director JJ Abrams released the long-awaited first look at The Force Awakens, his upcoming continuation of the Star Wars saga. Droids! Lightsabers! The Millennium Falcon! – If the trailer was designed to whet our appetite for whatever Abrams has up his sleeve, it certainly delivered.

Even if the eventual film ends up stinking worse than Jar Jar’s jockstrap, it will all have been worth it for this youtube mashup, which takes some of that zeitgeist-y Star Wars energy, and channels it where it belongs: Into Mel Brooks’ classic Spaceballs. 

The Schwartz is awakening. Can you feel it?

Here, for reference, is the actual The Force Awakens trailer (as if you haven’t seen it a million times already…)

[via D+T]

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