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Megan Sass; Actor/Writer/Hebrew School Teacher/Blogger/Hyphenate I give good twit @Megan_Sass.

‘Chosen’ interest, activity, food:
I like roller skating, but I don’t get to do it nearly often enough. I used to kill at it when I was like eight. I also enjoy using my guitar to mock and kvetch in musical format.

Describe Your ‘Jewish Wet Dream’
A Catholic Superhero. (Preferably lapsed Catholic, and preferably DC Universe Superhero.)

Shh, don’t tell Bubbie…
My grandmother will likely see this website, and she’ll love it. It’s my father I need to keep secrets from.

Photography: Stephen Schuster
Lead Stylist and Beauty Advisor: Tovah Avigail

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The Duckman is the creative director and co-owner of In his spare time, he dreams about being on The Amazing Race.

11 Responses

  1. Hector

    As a recovering Catholic Spaniard/Sephardi Jew , I can understand the lapsed Catholic preference. But why a D.C. superhero and not a Marvel one?

  2. Hector

    JLA is a well written series…and while on the topic of writing, I like your way with words. I can only wonder how funny your kvetch songs must be.

  3. Wayne

    I couldn’t get past your boobies. I wonder if your posted on a big boobies fetish site.

  4. richi

    hi …you are looking fantastic! one more thing..yours nose is looking sexy as are on top list of nose fetish lover .. :)


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