“Show About Nothing” Becomes “Show About F-ing”

Here’s another one for the “Why the fuck didn’t I think of this” file: Seinfeld, the porn. A hardcore trailer was just released and from what I can tell, the parody performances are pretty spot-on, especially from James Deen (real life Yid and boyfriend of Joanna Angel) in the Jerry role.

If this goes well, why not a Curb Your Enthusiasm porn? I’ve already got my picks for the cast:

Jayden James’s feisty attitude and frizzy hair would make for the perfect Susie Greene.

Get Ron Jeremy to shave his signature mustache and you’ve got a passable Jeff Greene.

Jesse Jane’s got the Cheryl David look, although I think Cheryl actually has a better mouth.

There’s really no competition for the Larry David part, as self-described “oldest active male porn star” Dave Cummings is the only bald skin flick star out there.

What do you think?

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