Sexy Jeff Goldblum Wants You Well-Lit

It’s been pretty great to see Jeff Goldblum fully embrace the weirdo persona he’s spent an entire career tentatively cultivating. But, oddball shtick doesn’t simply form in a vacuum, and while Goldblum may have mastered the form, he didn’t do it without some help.

Aiding Jeff in his quest to get in touch with his inner strange have been the 21st century’s poster-boys for unhinged weirdo comedy – actors/directors/impresarios Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim. While Jeff may have deep inside him a naturally occurring reserve of weirdness, no one has done a better job bringing it to the surface than Tim and Eric; The two have cast Goldblum in nearly all of their comedy projects, each more bizarre than the last – From Tom Goes To The Mayor, their (too) short lived Adult Swim series, to their 2012 feature film Tim And Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie. 

With their latest collaboration, however, the Jeff/Tim/Eric trifecta may have achieved their magnum opus of Goldblumy weirdness. And, to make a strange matter even stranger, it’s a two minute ad created for a major corporate client.

Illuminate yourself with the best, most bizarre, lightbulb commercial you’ll ever see:

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