Screw the Gallup Poll

Take a look at “this past Friday’s Gallup poll”: and you’ll find all of the usual Presidential suspects (Romney, Clinton, Obama, Guiliani, McCain) and even some who haven’t yet bothered to officially throw their hats into the ring (Gore, Thompson). You won’t find “Al Goldstein,”: who might be a disgusting pig, but at least he isn’t afraid to “blog”: about it.

Unless you’re a complete “loony toon”:, you probably won’t care for the _Screw_ Magazine founder’s takes on “gay marriage”:, “technology”: and “racial tolerance”: His “cheap shots at the competition”: belong in an opening act for Don Rickles more than they do in a political arena, but if you ask us, his candidacy makes for the best political theater since “Grandpa Al Lewis”: ran for Governor of New York.

What do you think?

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Brian Abrams

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  1. mrnhghts

    I love Al, but they do come more liberated.

    “I used to ask my girlfriends and wives to stifle those rare moments of orgasm and excitement.”

    I mean, unless your roommate is home, why not just wear earplugs?

  2. jpape

    The Jewish Madonna shul rules! St. Joan of Bark! My vote for the first Jewish saint. Thanks for the article. I’m inspired. Does she visit nursing homes?

  3. missladyj

    Joan Rivers is the absolute funniest woman ever ! I love her to pieces. It makes me feel better about writing a song called Two Foot Monkey Clit.

  4. MichaelSantomauro

    I never understood why Jerry Seinfeld hates her. As a stand-up Joan Rivers is amazing. But until I read this article I never knew her humor was coming from anger. In a way that is sad.

  5. Hungry_Jew

    I have a new appreciation of Joan Rivers after reading this piece. Bravo!

  6. markweee

    You guys should sponsor a screening to the Joan film. (But please hold one in Santa Fe, for chrissakes) Us New Mexico Jews need some love these days. Especially post-Madoff, you know?


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