Run The Jews is the Bernie Sanders/Run The Jewels Mash-Up Mixtape You’ve Only Dreamed Of

It’s no secret that rapper Killer Mike is feelin’ the Bern. Mike – one half of the hip hop supergroup Run the Jewels – officially endorsed Vermont senator Bernie Sanders for President this summer, and delivered a barn-burner of a speech at a rally for the candidate in the Rapper’s hometown of Atlanta last month. With that in mind, it’s hardly a surprise that someone would wise up – and mash up – the septuagenarian yid with the critically adored musical act.

What is a surprise is that – holy shit – it’s… not that bad.

Check it out:

Run the Jews is actually the creation of sketch comedy troupe Pregnantville, who write simply:

Killer Mike from Run the Jewels recently spoke at a Bernie Sanders rally in Atlanta. This is what it would sound like if they got together and recorded a rap album.

Well, now we know.

[h/t @SelfAgency]

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