RIP Antonioni and Bergman

Film greats “Michelangelo Antonioni”: and “Ingmar Bergman”: died on the “same day”:,2144,2715431,00.html… mere hours after a “full moon”: Coincidence? Or a fittingly poetic ending?

What do you think?

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  1. Hesed

    Blow Up wasn’t that great of a movie BUT (and this makes it worth seeing) there is a scene about an hour into the movie where the main character goes into this rock club in London. As he walks in front of the stage take a look at the little long-haired ki

  2. iconic

    and hours after the full moon, still another loss . Television personality Tom Snyder passed away. With his unique style and wit , he interviewed Ayn Rand , Weird Al, Charles Manson, Johnny Rotten, John Lennon. Check out the DV

  3. Dov

    Bergman is the cause for the Woodman’s ‘Jump the Shark’ after Hanna and Her Sisters. I like these movies but I prefer the broad-humored Allen. Hesed should be renamed Anschei Chesed since they clean up the dead bodies. You should have the Howard Stern

  4. Hesed

    Oh no, it’s definately Page they do the close up on. It’s been about about 6 years since I saw the movie but if I remember correctly it was both Page and Beck playing guitar at that time because “Blow Up” was in ’66 which is about the same time that Chri


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