Reconsidering Obama’s Letter to God

Ever since Barack Obama’s prayer was removed from the Wailing Wall by a pudgy yeshiva student it has been the cause of nonstop controversy: “How could anyone stoop so low as to remove it?,” "How could a newspaper publish it?,” “Was the whole thing a publicity stunt?” No one, however, has asked the most salient question of all:

Why was the prayer such a bland piece of dreck? “Protect my family,” “help me guard against pride and despair…." Whatever happened to praying for important stuff like weight loss, the Superbowl and your girlfriend to miscarry?

Or, John McCain falling down a long flight of stairs, preferably on camera?

What do you think?

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  1. Puck

    Hmmmm, I dunno about removing people’s prayers from the Wall, seems a bit inappropriate to me :P


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