Queen Esther Comes Home, Jesus May Follow

Since falling off a horse, losing adoption struggles, divorcing her man and generally sucking, Madonna (a.k.a the Kabbalarific Esther) has been on the lookout for love and money. She’ll wrap up her never-ending, candy-themed tour on September 1 in Tel Aviv.

And while some sex-hating rightwingers over there are probably girding themselves for the great Madge invasion, it seems most Israelis couldn’t be more excited at the prospect of spending their paltry salaries on $650 tickets to get close to their bitchy idol. No word yet on whether the Kabbalah honchos made her do it or if she’s just hunting for a Jewish baby to add to her expansive collection.

What do you think?

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  1. iconic

    “Queen Esther Comes Home” and which Jesus is less likely to follow?
    Her 22 year old hot Brazilian model BF, Jesus Luz
    … or the other guy

  2. Anonymous

    So many options. I think I would choose a hot model from Brazil over a holy baby, though.

  3. Anonymous

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