Piercing Truths

This week, _Nerve.com’s_ Katie Liederman powwows with four body piercers to explore some of the “21st Century’s more confounding sexual issues”:http://www.nerve.com/regulars/sexadvicefrom/piercers/. Among her more important discoveries: genital piercings can tear condoms, piercers aren’t necessarily kinkier than you are me, and finally, that “being a piercer is hotter than being a dentist.” Next week find out why getting a tattoo is sexier than filling out your tax return.

What do you think?

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Brian Abrams

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  1. LeahG

    Interesting read. I like the way you expressed your notions in writing.

    The Enid doll is so cute ^_^ Reminds me of my daughter as she fancies her collection of Enid slap bracelets so much


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