The First CBGB Movie Trailer Is Here

These days the hallowed halls of CBGB (OMFUG) may house an upscale glasses shop, but the legendary lower east side rock club still looms large in the zeitgeist. To see the lasting impact Hilly Kristal’s dive-bar-turned-slightly-more-famous-dive-bar, look no further than the upcoming CBGB feature film, the first trailer for which dropped Wednesday afternoon.

Starring Alan Rickman as club owner Hillel “Hilly” Kristal, CBGB boasts a Robert Altman-esque ensemble cast of attractive stars carefully schmutzed up to resemble gritty punk pioneers like Joey Ramone, Genya Ravan, and Lou Reed.

So, will it be any good? Who knows? CBGB the club was a scuzzy lower east side dive that happened to host some of the best music of its day. CBGB the movie looks like a star-studded plasticine nostalgia circle jerk. But hey, at least it’ll be a circle jerk with a great soundtrack. The question becomes: is a good soundtrack enough to make people see the drummer from Foo Fighters pretend to be be Iggy Pop and the kvetchy nerd from National Treasure pretend to be Stiv Bators?

What do you think? Movie magic, or irredeemable septic clog?

What do you think?

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