Oh My God This Bar Mitzvah Video

I know, I know, we’re all sick of overthetop Bar Mitzvah videos. But, oh my god, you guys, this video.

Shimmying skanks! Firearms! The world’s drunkest dad! 

Perhaps the best part of this video, though, is that it comes from a country-fried farm Jew, and not some slick city Yid.  I know it’s hard for some of you Brooklyn hipsters and LA Jewch-bags to believe, but yes, Jews can survive more than 50 miles inland. And yes, they can make ridiculous Bar Mitzvah videos with the best of ’em. And yes, this is a great opportunity to make a “barn mitzvah” joke.

Beyond that, I leave the obligatory/masturbatory “But is it good for the Jews?” op-ed to someone else. Honestly, I could care less. Nothing anyone says will do justice to this four-wheeling, farm-equipment-playing piece of work. All I know is that at the time we found this video, it’d only been seen a criminally low nine times. Unacceptable. A video like this belongs on a football stadium jumbotron. It belongs in Times Square. It belongs…right here:

Mazal Tov, Jake. Today(ish) you are a man!

What do you think?

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