No, _You’re_ Hitler!

Ah, nothing like a good Hitler reference to completely sidetrack the uber short attention spans of the American public. He’s like boobies—flash a little Holocaust and everyone gets so distracted that they forget the task at hand.

Case in point—the health care debate. Pamela Pilger (a bewildered train wreck who describes her political stance thusly, “I don’t want to identify myself with any particular group, but I’m a conservative and I believe in Biblical values.”) became an Internet phenomenon this week for yelling “Heil Hitler” at an Israeli health care reform supporter.

And the slack-jawed sector of America isn’t alone in dropping the H-bomb. After Nancy Pelosi noted that conservative protestors were carrying signs emblazoned with swastikas to town hall meetings, Republicans like Rush Limbaugh freaked out, saying that Pelosi was calling conservatives Nazis. In response to said freak-out, Media Matters, a research and information center “dedicated to correcting conservative misinformation in the media” (according to their website), compiled a report that basically shows how often conservatives refer to liberals as “Nazis.”

“I think we’re really pointing out hypocrisy, especially on the part of Rush Limbaugh,” says Jessica Levin, press secretary for Media Matters. “Because he was getting so outraged that Nancy Pelosi was calling the protestors Nazis—and I want to reinforce again that she wasn’t—but days earlier he was calling Barack Obama Hitler and calling the Democrats Nazis.”

Hypocrisy aside—shouldn’t the real topic of debate be, um, the state of U.S. health care? As Levin says, “We’re not having the honest conversation about health care that we should be having. It’s all just a giant distraction.”

I mean we’re basically embroiled in one big “he said, she said” cat fight, with Hitler as the catalyst. Frankly, I think we’d all rather see some boobs.

What do you think?

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  1. cannabissel

    All kidding aside, but how often do liberals call conservatives Nazis? Did Media Matters look into that at all?

  2. boychik

    Sure, both sides have long compared each other to Nazis, but it seems like we’ve reached some sort of tipping point recently.

  3. iconic

    Sarah Palin, talking about ‘Obama wants to kill your grandma,’ and ‘evil death panels’….ignited this craziness.

  4. Anonymous

    But he’s dug himself a partisan hole with this big bill, and it’ll be interesting to breitling watches see him try to dig his way out. On the one hand, an Academy Award is nothing to sneeze at. Bullock has


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