New Settler Scheme: Big Ass Portable Tent

With increasing pressure for a settlement freeze, the Israeli settlers are getting creative. (Throwing rocks at soldiers is so ten years ago.) Their latest "fuck you" maneuver is a huge, portable outpost, with all amenities included. Specifically designed to help keep you one step ahead of the IDF, this tent can be erected and dismantled in just minutes.

Now, at the first sign of trouble from their own country’s soldiers, these idealists can just pick up their house and move it to another illegal plot on the West Bank.

This could end up being the most annoying, politically dangerous game of tag in history.

What do you think?

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Dana Makover is an expert on both Israeli tits and ass. She enjoys peach pie, open toe shoes and dating for sport.

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  1. ReadItSomewhere

    “If only King David were the prime minister. He’d let me settle where-ever I’d want. I liked it so much better when it was a Kingdom and a monarchy. Now we have a Knesset, prime ministers. A whole democracy with satelitte TV! Oy!”


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