Neo-Nazis Keep on Trucking

Two German losers are being charged for hanging a pig’s head from the Star of David on the entrance gate at one Jewish cemetary and pouring pig’s blood over a memorial plaque at another in eastern German city of Erfurt. Those Neo-Nazis keep on trucking.

Sadly, this sucks for two reasons. One, those poor German Jews, never get a break. More importantly, looks like our theme for our Germany Issue Party is totally out the window. Guess we’ll have to stick to "Jew Cookies."

What do you think?

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  1. GayJew

    Thanks for keeping me posted with pork and Nazis.

    Whats new with Bernie Madoff?

  2. steven

    Wow. Don’t they realize that they lost the war and have been condemned by nearly the entire world? I guess some Germans are like some Southerners, who insist that the Civil War was only about states rights and that “the South will rise again.”

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