Moses vs. Satan

While Christopher Hitchens is picking a fight with the Almighty in his new book “_God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything_”:, the folks over at Adult Swim are taking this eternal struggle in a very “different direction”: Take your pick of Biblical figures (both Testaments represented), religiously significant settings and get schooled in a whole new form of catechism (who knew that the Serpent that brought about Eve’s downfall could also double as her whip-like weapon). But choose your opponents wisely—rumor has it that if Satan delivers a KO three times in a row, all hell will break loose.

What do you think?

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  1. smax

    much better than honey cave 2. i recommend the moses v’s mary combo.

  2. JanFran

    I don’t always agree with Christopher Hitchens (e.g. His article about Mother Teresa.) but he always impresses as one of the most independent thinking and erudite individuals around today. I think both Al Sharpton and Sean Hannity (who I do admire by the


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