Mel Gibson Wants to Bust Jewish Knee Caps

We already know the man’s not so much a fan of Jewish people, so it’s no surprise that reports are in saying Mel Gibson wanted to have a “powerful, Jewish Hollywood figure” followed so he could “bust his knee caps” as punishment for “public humiliation.”

While talking about this plan, Mel apparently told his baby mama, “I want Jew blood on my hands.” Whose “Jew blood” might this be? Some say Mel’s wrath is directed to Ari Emanuel, powerful talent agent and Rahm’s younger brother, while TMZ maintains that it’s about their boss, Harvey Levin. Sure, if you’ve ever stumbled upon TMZ late at night or believe Entourage is truly a big roman à clef, it’s not hard to believe that anyone might have it out for these two. But busting knee caps? Really? Couldn’t you just send them $1,000 worth of pizza or something?

What do you think?

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  1. jay

    Abby Schreiber is unfunny … and useless just like ALLA jewish ‘comedians’ – in fact ‘The Passion Of The Christ’ was more funnier than anything the jooos have ever done – is that why you jew bugger are so jealous of Mel? I think Miss Abby wants to get buggered by Mel up the backside … that’s why she writes about him so much … she’s in love … AAAH!


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