Mark Your Calendars: Conan O’Brien Interviews Mel Brooks On October 21st


Mel Brooks is a man of many talents. While peerless in comedy and fearless in parody, he is perhaps most notable these days for having mastered the art of self-promotion. From HBO specials to being named a PBS “American Master,” the 87 year old Brooks has spent the last year or so proclaiming his brilliance loudly and often. And frankly, he’s right.

The latest stop on the Brooks-express is Conan O’Brien’s “Serious Jibber Jabber” web-series, in which the flop-haired late night host sits down for longer, more intimate comedy interviews than those on his TBS talk show (“That’s still on the air? Good for him”). The episode doesn’t go live until Oct 21st, but Team Coco’s just-released trailer for the episode teases Brooks at his Brooksiest.

Mark your calendars: Conan O’Brien interviews Mel Brooks – Oct. 21st. We’ll be watching.

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