Marc Maron and Michael Ian Black Have The Most Passive Aggressive Twitter Fight Of All Time

If you’ve listened to Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, you know he and Michael Ian Black aren’t exactly fans of each other. But, for a long time their animosity seemed fairly passive: just two guys who did comedy differently – Maron, with his emotions on his sleeve, and Black, reveling in snooty aloofness – no big deal. This afternoon, however, something snapped, and their dislike for each other was slowly ratcheted up from a room temperature “Meh” to a lukewarm “Hmm”.

It all started innocently enough, when Maron in tweeted the following:


What followed was…well, uncomfortable.


Aaaaaaaaaan, we’re off! Folks, this is what happens when two masters of Jewish guilt and passive aggressiveness go toe-to-toe for the whole world to see.


What? Do kvetchy Jewish comics not listen to Mackelmore?


This, by the way, is a lie. No one was funny on that show “Ed”. No one.



He said “Jew”. Everybody drink.

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The conversation (mercifully) was over, but the damage was done.

So, who won? It’s tough to tell. Both comics got some decent jabs in, but without a decisive knockout the decision goes to the judges – tell us who you think won in the comments below.

What do you think?

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23 Responses

  1. james smith

    Michael Black was hilarious.

    seemed like Maron was on the back foot.

  2. luc frenette

    The comment “I thought recognize that shirt” ..was the winner for me

  3. Amy K

    I unfollow Michael Ian Black years ago. I’m one of those humorless feminazis who don’t find rape jokes adorable. #teammaron

  4. DMP

    Maron FTW. He really puts himself out there. MIB just sounds like a drunk frat boy.

  5. Dave

    Expected both to be funnier. Both lost some credibility here, and I’m a fan of Maron’s.

  6. ruda baga

    I have to go with Maron on this one. Black’s gratuitous jab at the start was lame and he never got more clever. Also, Black has just never been either funny or passionate so what’s to like about him?

  7. spencer

    After all this is done Marion wins because he’s Marc Maron and has a career and Michael Ian Black is good at twitter.

  8. Manuel Mendes

    I don’t know either of them (european guy here) but it seems Michael Black won with ease.

  9. Brendan Huffman

    Who is Marc Maron, and is there some pre-existing beef that we should know about?

  10. Joe K.

    It’s clear to anyone who can put personal preference aside that Michael Ian Black won, handily. I have no bias towards either since I only vaguely recognise one of them from television ads. Indeed, I initially hoped Maron would put him in his place, since it would seem Black was being a bully without provocation [unless that initial Maron tweet was making some vague reference to him?]. Maron showed his desperation by making rookie mistakes, like breaking out of passive aggression into just plain aggression, and then humble-bragging about being “honest”. He wasn’t clever enough to keep up. I suspect this is a reason why the HeebMagazine editors had to help him out by writing the occasional comeback comment in this article, in order to provide the witty retorts Maron was incapable of coming up with on his own.

  11. ILeon

    MIB. Maron got pissy reallllly quickly. Which seems symptomatic of whatever it is that makes him really insufferable to me. Like 20% edgy modern comic, 20% old-school Jewey New Yorkey comic, 60% 7th grade girl who gets really flustered and bent out of shape at the drop of a hat.

  12. BUCHO

    They both lose but at least Maron wasn’t the loser who started it.

  13. groucho

    Can anyone explain the “I thought I recognized that shirt” jab. I’m slow.


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