Making a Pitch for Israel

bball_370Last week ESPN reported that former Major League players Brad Ausmus, Gabe Kapler, and Shawn Green met with Israeli representatives to join them in their bid for the 2013 World Baseball Classic. Ausmus, Kapler, and Green said they would help recruit Jewish-American players to field a competitive team that will help Israel get through next year’s qualifying round. The news came as a welcomed development in the ongoing quest to substantiate the athletic prowess of a people accustomed to being chosen last at the school yard. Below is a glance at what the Israeli “Dream Team” might look like:

C: Brad Ausmus

1B: Isaac Davis

2B: Ian Kinsler

SS: Jason Kipnis

3B: Kevin Youklis

OF: Ryan Braun

OF: Gabe Kapler

                                                                                        OF: Joshua Whitesell

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