This LP Album Cover Beatboxing Video Is Probably The Coolest Thing You’ll See All Day

It’s hard to describe what you’re about to see, but I’ll give it a shot: A series of famous album covers, animated to appear as if the famous faces they feature are beatboxing in time to Israeli musician Roy Kafri‘s weirdo a cappella composition. (Huh, I guess it wasn’t that hard to describe, after all)

Check it out:

I’m not sure what the Craig Finn-lookin’ dude adds to video, but regardless the whole thing is awesome if for no other reason than to see Prince – on the cover of his 1979 self-titled album – flick his throat in time with Kafri’s glottal stops.

“Mayokero” was directed by Kafri’s sometimes-collaborator, and fellow ‘raeli, Vania Heymann, who you may remember from that trippy channel-flipping video for Bob Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone”.

[via Dangerous Minds]

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