Links for the Zimmerman/DMX Boxing Promoter

zimvsdmx-550x236Promoter defends Zimmerman, DMX boxing (CNN)

A Voice The JCC Doesn’t Think We Should Hear (The Washington Post)

Hard Times for a Bitcoin Evangelist (The Wall Street Journal)

Leno’s farewell didn’t mention man who gave him first big break (NY Post)

IKEA wades into SodaStream/Scarlett Johansson debate with new room divider (The Pan-Ariabia Enquirer)

Jerry Seinfeld Is The Devil Who Hates Minorities & Women (Gothamist) (Forward)

Some Money Saving Advice from Dr. Ruth for Feb. 14 (The Billfold)

Montreal Haredim Reportedly Ready With Foster Homes For Lev Tahor Cult Children (Failed Messiah)

Ethics Questions Arise as Genetic Testing of Embryos Increases (NY Times)

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