Links for a Nearly Perfect Crime

Electric_cattle_prodDead Beggar May Have Tried To Extort Rabbi (Failed Messiah)

Philip Roth Wins Nobel Prize (Tablet)

Ben Feldman Marries Michelle Mulitz (People)

Turning Glenn Greenwald’s Edward Snowden Book Into a Movie Is Going to Be a Real Hassle (Vulture)

The Post-Ultra-Orthodox Death Prophecy (Zeek)

Israel TV puppets spur gay pride debate (NY Post)

A Vice interview with a Gay, Russian Neo-Nazi (Hipster Jew)

Pre-Halloween Kiruv Zombie Apocalypse (Stop Kiruv Now)

Facebook, My Hero — The Power of Community (Huffington Post)

Let’s Go Jews, Let’s Go! (Jewlicious)

Ari Fleischer solves the shutdown problem (Dov Bear)

Footage from inside Gaza tunnel ‘found in Israel’ (BBC)

Azerbaijan Convicts Iranian in Terror Case (Commentary)

Iran holds trial of suspected Israeli ‘spies’ (RT)

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