Links For The Giant Sphinx From The Ten Commandments Film Unearthed 91 Years Later

PrintGiant Sphinx From The Ten Commandments Film Unearthed 91 Years Later [Live Science]

The Multicultural Power Of The Stoner Comedy [GOOD]

When The #Gamergate Mob Targeted Anil Dash For No Reason [Storify]

Böat Of Debauchery: Inside The Mötorhead ‘Mötorboat’ Cruise [Dangerous Minds]

Jewish While Traveling [Lilith]

Musical Transcription Of Jeff Goldblum’s Laugh From Jurassic Park [Laughing Squid]

Meet The Israeli Emigre Who Sparked The Berlin Pudding Protest [Haaretz]

The Ultimate Basic Bitch Tournament [Vice]

This ‘Bit Of Plastic’ From Star Wars Is Worth £50,000 [io9]

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