Links for Smoking Pot in a Public Parking Lot

Sarah Silverman smoking pot in a public parking lot. (Celebrity-Gossip)

This standoff has gone on long enough. (McSweeney)

Boca Jewish newspaper reporter booted from local AIPAC lecture. (SunSentinel)

Arab boxboys separated from Jewish cashiers. Anti-assimilation organization called for further steps. (Israel National News)

New Square rabbi explains that Leiby Kletzky was murdered because rabbis turned over a child rapist to police. (Failed Messiah)

Rabbinical Alliance of America leader explains that Leiby Kletzky was murdered because Jews did not protest same sex marriage and abortion. (Failed Messiah)

New renewable energy regulations enacted this week are a “step in the right direction,” but still far from sufficient to meet country’s needs. (JPOST)

New layer of gas discovered off coast of Haifa. (Haaretz)

Israeli companies rush to South Sudan. (YNET)

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