Links for Mrs. Christ

Married to Jesus (The New Yorker)

Nas and Amy Winehouse: “Cherry Wine” Video (Noisey)

Nauseatingly Precious NYC Couples To Walk Around In Rain (The Onion)

Amber Tamblyn Marries ‘Arrested Development’ Star David Cross (Celebuzz)

Anne Hathaway’s and other celebrity weddings suggest that in America Jewishness has become aspirational (Tablet)

Once Upon a Time Machine Trailer (YouTube)

A handwritten letter in which the originator of the Theory of Relativity Albert Einstein refers to God as a “product of human weaknesses” is up for sale on eBay with a starting price of $3 million (RT)

New Cause for Muslim Leaders: ‘Defamation’ (Forward)

Drone flight shows Israel is vulnerable (News24)

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