Links for a Middle Eastern Mickey

Mickey Mouse is coming to Haifa. (Fast Company)

Jackie Mason: the musical. (Forward)

Women laughing while eating salad. (The Hairpin)

Famously liberal Jewish neighborhood to receive yet another homeless shelter. (Gothamist)

The public and private sector clowns of Israeli energy. (Jewlicious)

To prove Helen Thomas wrong about Jews having disproportionate power, journalists’ group considers rescinding her lifetime achievement award. (JTA)

The Stern Collection of Jewish postcards, between 1900-1950. (Ben Atlas)

Sure, pedophiles and their enablers are a problem also, but the evildoers worthy of rabbinic denunciation are those who embrace evolution. (Rationalist Judaism)

Omanoot (Israel Through Art) goes live. (Omanoot)

What do you think?

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