Links for Defacing a Christian Cemetery

defaceFour Jewish Nationalist Teens Deface Christian Cemetery in Jerusalem (Forward)

Animal Lover Who “Rescued” Cat From UES Bagel Shop Charged With Burglary (Gothamist)

Tina Fey Makes This SNL Spoof of Girls Very Funny (Gawker)

The Ramones on Regis and Kathy Lee (Dangerous Minds)

The 10 Best Restaurants on the Lower East Side (Village Voice)

Promoting Post-Tourism (Souciant)

See 16 Years of Scarlett Johansson’s Red-Carpet Looks (Vulture)

Israel arrests alleged spy for Iran (JTA)

For deb. for life. (hayley amanda) (Hiphop Activist)(I Am Acher) (Stop Kiruv Now)

Mondoweiss readers predict Netanyahu’s presentation to the U.N. (Mondoweiss)

Saudi Sheikh blasted on Twitter for saying women drivers ‘risk damaging ovaries’ (RT)

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